Photos to Break the Writer’s Block

John Green is an author, authors need inspiriation, and inspiration comes from an abundance of sources – including photos. Take a look at the top ten most inspirational photos, in no specific order, to be found around the internet.

10. [x]

writing prompt _ e music saved my life

Sometimes, a writer can take inspiration from music just as they can from images; however, what if one took their inspiration solely from a photograph of music?

9. [x]

Writing Prompt _ e World in hands

What does this photo inspire a story about? A sorceress with world under her hands? Culutural diversity? The gods of Olympus?

8. [x – unknown]

Writing Prompt _ Look through Barbed Wire

For so many photographs, a story lies hidden just beneath the surface. Is the viewer behind the fence or beyond it? Is the viewer an animal trapped in a cage or a human treated like an animal?

7. [x – unknown]

Writing Prompt _ Man Standing in Snow

The story of this man may range from anywhere to a mystic being admiring its work to a kind old man patiently awaiting the return of his hyperactive grandchildren. What does it say to the writer seeking information?

6. [x]

wiriting prompt _ e notebook

What’s the meaning being the title cover? What lies behind the cover of this notebook? Who owns it, whom was it given by, and why?

5. [x]

writing prompt _ e pollution concept artist

Try writing about this concept artist’s take on pollution.

4. [x]

writing prompt _ e human skelington death ayyy

Write about this. Do you think humans are as dangerous as the photo suggests? Do you think the photo implies that certain (or all) humans are more dangerous after death?

3. [x]

writing prompt _ e concept art land scape

Concept art is always a great way to stimulate one’s imagination. Is that a home? An office? What are tehse people like? Their enviornment? How did they end up there? Is it a refugee camp, an alien world, a prison?

2. [x]

writing prompt _ e wtnv

If you’re really stuck, try observing fanart of a show you’ve never seen and writing about the characters.

1. [x – unknown]

writing prompt _ e john and hank yo

And, when no other option comes to mind (or if you just wish to) write a letter to your favorite celebrity.


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