Top 10 Videos of 2007

Each and every one of these videos are hysterical and deserve a place on this list because they seem to be the most poorly edited, unscripted of the lot from 2007.

10. Brotherhood 2.0: Giving Away Peeps

Because it’s always funny to see a grown man attempting to hand packages of Peeps to strangers.

9. Brotherhood 2.0: Prom and Consequences

In which a very disgruntled man tells us about a writer’s ‘prom’.

8. Brotherhood 2.0: July 13: Outside

“My general policy is that we should protect [nature] by staying away from it.”

7. July 16: Goth

In which Hank’s ‘punishment’ is to recreate a humiliating picture from high school.

6. John Green’s Legendary Senior Prank

A much younger John Green explains his high school prank, which turns out to have been the inspiration to the legendary prank pulled at the boarding school in his novel, “Looking F0r Alaska”.

5. July 20: Green Mohawk

Since when is a grown man spray painting his hair green not amusing to watch?

4. November 8th: SUGAR HIGH!

In which we learn never to give Hank dubious amounts of sugar.

3. October 16th: John’s Library Pwns

It’s not hard to tell when someone has an obsession with organizing their books.

2. December 7th: Fight Night with the Green Bros.

Hank speaks about the time spent with his sibling when they were toddlers, and how he got the scar on his knuckle by punching John in the mouth at age two.

1. July 9: The Punishment Fiasco

In which it becomes an intense struggle to put out the punishments for text communication.


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