Question Tuesday: The Fault in Our Stars Movie Edition

In this video, John Green is answering questions submitted by nerdfighters (the name his fan base has acquired) about the adaptation of his book, The Fault in Our Stars, into a movie.

The official release date for the movie is June 6, 2013. Despite complaints, John argues that it’s a plausible amount of time for two reasons: The movie only recently finished shooting (October 17, 2013), and he wants it to be released in the “Blockbuster season” in the hope that more people will go to see it. The author also admitted to being in the movie as an author cameo, but described his role as “important” and his acting ability as “I’m not sure I’d call what I did acting” and “God knows I am not an actor.”

To describe how similar the book and movie are, John says, “No, the book is made out of pictures as sounds, whereas the book is made entirely of scratches on the page,” before adding that The Fault in Our Stars is a “ very faithful adaption” of the book. This being said, he strongly encourages anyone to watch the movie first to read the book.

John’s book, published on January 10, 2012, has received several prestigious awards as of October 23, 2013. These awards include a 4.5/5 star rating from Barnes & Nobles, a 4.5/5 star rating from Goodreads, and holding the #1 place on both the Wall Street Journal bestseller list and the Indiebound bestseller list for a period of time.


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